Silk Scarf Information

My hand-dyed 100% habotai silk scarves  have hand-rolled hems and are soft and lightweight with a lovely drape and smooth finish.  Silk is a perfect year-round fabric, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.   The gorgeous patterning of colors is reminiscent of impressionism ranging from muted to brilliant.   Each scarf is hand-dyed individually so no two scarves are completely alike.  Limited availability.

Scarves are available in three sizes.

Go to Small – 8 inches by 54 inches

Go to Medium – 8 inches by 72 inches

Go to Large – 14 inches by 72 inches

Techniques that I use to hand-dye silk scarves are Shibori, salt crystal, and ice. These methods create a color variation throughout the scarf as well as gorgeous marbling and color patterning. Some scarves have one color and others have two to nine. Specks of colorful dye are randomly placed. These techniques add dimension and artistic interest to each scarf. This is all part of the uniqueness and a reflection that this scarf is made by hand and not by a machine.

Handmade scarves have creases, crinkles, and wrinkles all of which create the beautiful color patterning.