896 Shawl Pink Wedding Shawl | Evening Shawl

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Treat Yourself to a gorgeous luxury shawl.    So perfect for a special occasion whether that is a wedding, an elegant evening out, or even to just pamper yourself at home. 

I used Margilan silk and shades of pink merino wool and embellished the surface with silk flowers.  There are graceful swirls of white, peach, and pink that connect the flowers. Beautiful raw silk edges give an overall ethereal appearance and are like wispy kisses against your skin.

A generous size measuring 100 inches x 34 inches.

To preserve your garment’s beauty, gently hand wash in cool water & roll in a towel to remove excess water. Never wring or twist. Lay flat and air dry. If needed, iron on wool/silk setting with or without with steam. The garment may also be professionally dry-cleaned by a reputable company.